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Wedding Planner Tips & Tricks - Part One

Where do I start? Am I being ripped off? Why is this so complicated?! I've been there, it can be a minefield getting married! Grab a coffee and read these top tips and tricks to save time and budget....

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Be Flexible on Date

It's amazing how much price can vary on date. If you have your heart set on a venue, check if there are any events or conferences at the venue or nearby in the 3 days around your wedding date, or if it clashes with a bank holiday or midterm - these times are likely to be more pricey. Midweek weddings are generally cheaper, but there are also some great weekend rates out of season - don't be afraid to ask the venue for any special rates in quieter periods.

Time Management

Any wedding planner will tell you that time management is key. You have a lot to do, so prioritise to minimise your stress levels! This also helps spread out deposit payments, and ensures you get any good deals as you'll have more time to shop around. Click here to check your to do list to make sure you're on track.

Spend Clever

We're not suggesting you max out the credit cards to pay for your wedding, but there are some great 0% interest offers out there to help you spread the load. Some cards also offer bonus air miles which will be a help towards the honeymoon, others do cash back deals. Don't get yourself in a financial black hole, but if you would benefit from a promotion paying on your card and paying it off the following month, it could help towards the wedding cost.

Ask the 'What Ifs'
If you're getting married outside, make sure you know what Plan B is if there's a downpour. As I walked down the aisle, the heavens opened with a summer storm and we all ran to take cover in a gazebo where we eventually got married! We were then rescued by golf buggies and had to have all of the photos taken inside - make sure you know how things will go down if Plan A goes off course.


The Perfect Space

It can be tempting to go for the biggest, grandest looking banquet hall when venue shopping, but remember you need to decorate the place! If you are inviting 100 guests, the likelihood is around 75 will accept, so make sure your tables won't look lost in a room that holds 300. This is a great way to save on flowers and decor, but also make the room look better when set up.

File It

You can do most of your wedding planning online with the help of your My Wedding planning tools, but if you receive invoices and receipts on paper, keep them all safe in a file. Write contact names, numbers, payments you make and dates onto those pieces of paper - it comes in handy when making calls 6 months down the lines, you have everything you need in front of you.

Over Budget for Everything
Like with anything, there are hidden costs along the way. Make sure you leave a little breathing room in your wedding kitty for any last minute costs so you don't add additional pressure to yourself in the last few weeks.

Push Your Luck

Always ask about any packages the venue or supplier may have which could save you money. Many photographers offer packages to include a USB/prints, or may throw in some additional hours of coverage - don't be afraid to ask what they can do for you.

Save on Flowers

Flowers can be a big expense on your wedding day, so why not ask if there's another bride getting married before or after you at the church. If your themes are similar, you could split the cost of the church flowers by having them there for both weddings. My friend did this and saved a fortune, sharing an arch and aisle runners too!

Florals on The Move

If you can't do the above, why not take your flowers with you? Pick arrangements that will work for your church and reception room, then have someone move them for you between the two events.

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