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Wedding Planner Tips & Tricks - Part Two

Where do I start? Am I being ripped off? Why is this so complicated?! I've been there, it can be a minefield getting married! Grab a coffee and read these top tips and tricks to save time and budget....

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The Sugar Trick

If you're using white sand as part of your centrepieces, opt for sugar instead! It's so much cheaper, and easier to pick up so you can buy the exact amount you need at a local supermarket before the big day.

Hit The Sample Sales

I mentioned this in a previous blog, but in case you missed it, I'm a big fan of sample sales! It's crazy how much you can pay for a wedding dress that will be massively reduced the following season, so if you're not to precious about that, go for a last season label. My dress was just €300 down from €1000! Find the perfect dress here.

Pack the Flats

You'll be on your feet A LOT on your big day, and will want to dance the night away when it's coming to an end, so be prepared! Pack some flat shoes which won't be seen under your dress anyway - better to be comfortable and enjoy every moment.


Keeping the Kids Quiet

If you're allowing children at your wedding, keep them entertained with a 'party bag' full of goodies such as colouring pens and pads, sweets and mini games. I've seen kids setting in 'dens' under wedding tables having a ball as the grown ups enjoy dinner - keep everyone happy at your reception!

Tilt the Bouquets

Your photographer may do this, but its worth mentioning now. When having your photos taken, make sure you and your bridesmaids tilt them forward slightly so all of the beautiful blooms are on show. It can feel natural to hold it upright, but tilt them slightly to add a splash of colour to your photos.

Be Ruthless With Guests

Countless times I've been invited to a wedding of someone I hardly know, and attend out of politeness, but that couple are probably paying €100 for me and my husband to attend! Be a little ruthless and ensure everyone on your list means something to you...and will do by the time you actually get hitched! If you change jobs and lose touch with the work colleagues you invited, they'll either awkwardly attend or be no-shows you're still paying for.

Have a get-together with work friends to celebrate your wedding before or after the big day - it's cheaper to have a party or night out separately than to invite the canteen staff, cleaners and the girl you bump into once a week at the photocopier!

Crash Diets
You're getting married in 4 weeks, so what do you do in a panic? Start a crazy diet plan?? This is a really bad idea, first of all your dress may not fit, causing expensive last minute alterations. You're already going to be stressed, this added pressure won't help the situation. If you want to lost a little weight, the best thing you can do is do it slowly and over time - read this blog for tips on losing weight and keeping it off.

Keep Everyone Informed
I've done it myself - emailing and calling my bride-to-be friends asking where's the best place to stay nearby, what's the postcode for the sat nav, what time the reception starts...imagine 200 guests doing this!! Avoid a lot of stress but creating a free wedding website here where you can upload all of this information once, and they can refer back to it whenever they like.

Spread the Cost

If you're a nice-aholic, it can seem easier to just pay for everything yourself, but there are ways to pass on some of the costs. Ask bridesmaids and groomsmen to chip in for dresses and suits - if they can keep them afterwards they won't mind doing this, many would expect it. You could also ask close relatives to pay for certain things rather than getting a gift - if your gran is offering to pay for your cake accept gratefully! It will probably mean the world for her to feel involved.

Stay Focused
When you're doing some Midnight pinning and spot ideas, it can be easy to splurge the cash. Just make sure you stick to your budget, pay out for the important things like the venue, band, dress, suits, flowers and photography, then see what's left for fancy table confetti and pretty heart tealights!

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