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Top Tips

Don't have any regrets after your big day - read these top tips from brides who have been there and done it, so you can learn from their mistakes.

DO: Get to Know Your Officiant

"Our officiant was ill on the day of our wedding, so somebody had to step in for them. Although it was no fault of their own, it did feel strange having such a personal moment shared with a stranger. I'd advise all brides to be to get to know their officiant, so you feel relaxed during your vows and have rehearsed with them beforehand." Sarah K

LoveWeddings Tip: Arrange a couple of meetings closer to the date of your wedding - you may book a year out and not have the same officiant as the one you originally spoke to.

DON'T: Pressure Shy Friends to do Readings

"When I was deciding who should do the reading at my wedding, the first person that sprang to mind was my best friend Aoife who I have grown up with. Although I knew she was shy, I didn't think it would be a problem for her, but on the day she was sick with nerves and struggled through it making me feel very guilty!" Karen T

LoveWeddings Tip: Pick someone who will have the confidence to do your reading, rather than pressuring someone who may be closer to you, but would probably struggle to do it.


DON'T: Forget to Calculate Distances

"Before my husband even proposed, I had a dream location for our wedding reception in my head - a stunning 4 star hotel overlooking breathtaking valleys. My husband had his heart set on getting married at a church in the town he grew up in, a 45 minute drive from the reception venue. Although we both got what we wanted, it was more difficult to transport all of the guests between the 2 venues and took away a chunk of our day - I don't think I'd have changed the way we did it, but its something for other brides to consider." Donna F

LoveWeddings Tip: When you've booked the ceremony and reception venues, add directions to your FREE wedding website for guests here, so guests can start planning how they'll get from A to B.

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DON'T: Blow the Flower Budget on the Entrance
"I spent a lot of money on a stunning archway for my wedding, but in all honesty I don't remember even seeing it on my wedding day! You're much better to spread the budget to ensure the aisle, altar an seating areas are beautifully decorated as that's where your decor counts. If there is a large area to cover, you could use ribbon and other decor such as paper lanterns to break up the flowers, as they are more expensive." Eileen R

LoveWeddings Tip: It's also worth asking if there is another wedding before or after yours - another bride may be willing to split the cost of flowers if you can agree on a colour scheme.

DO: Have an Hour by Hour Plan

"Get ready, go to church, go to the reception - that's about as far as I got with the day plan! There is lots to think about, including the time it takes to do hair, make up, pre-wedding photos, journey time to the ceremony and more, and that's just before you get married! I'd advise all brides to leave enough time between events so you don't get flustered on the day." Jodie M

LoveWeddings Tip: Use your handy day planner to map out the day in as much detail as you can.

DO: Plan for Bad Weather

"I went for a summer wedding to guarantee sunshine on my big day and allow me to have a wedding outdoors in beautiful gardens...unfortunately the heavens opened half way through the vows and we all got soaked! I'd advise brides to plan for bad weather, no matter what season you're tying the knot." Sarah C

LoveWeddings Tip: A bucket of white umbrellas or a plan B room inside at your chosen venue will put your bad weather worries to bed.

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