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Make-Up Tips for Winter Weddings

Here are some tips when choosing your make-up for a winter wedding.

Go for bold lips
Perhaps the most popular trend this year for a winter bride is to be brave and go for a bold lip colour. While summer brides might want to look natural and flushed, those getting married in the winter should try to make more of a statement with their make-up.

As you can get away with so much more colour and heavier coverage, you could choose from a variety of shades for your lipstick. You might want a bold, bright red for a sexy Hollywood vibe, or you could opt for a berry colour, which is a favourite this season.

Keep your skin hydrated
One of the main differences between summer and winter make-up is that those getting married in the colder months really have to make sure they look after their skin leading up to their Big Day, so that it isn't dry.

Cool temperatures can really dehydrate skin, lips and hands, so moisturise all the time, have regular facials, keep the heating down, drink plenty of water, and smooth chapped lips with your toothbrush frequently.

With enough preparation, your skin should be looking beautifully soft by the time you walk down the aisle.

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Powder make-up
The summer is all about dewy complexions and shimmery tones, whereas a winter bride has a much more matte appearance. This isn't the season for looking like you've had a brisk walk on a hot day, so keep your make-up powder-based so it doesn't give off a sheen.

What's more, powder foundation is favourable during the colder months, as liquid ones can settle into creases (and dare I say it, wrinkles) especially when the skin is dry, which isn't a great look, let's be honest.

Feline flicks
As the winter bridal look isn't really the 'natural' one, you can afford to go a bit more glamorous. Swipe a thick line of liquid eyeliner on your upper eyelids for a sexy feline look. You can go as bold as you want to with this trend, opting for a thicker line the braver you feel.

When drawing the line, make sure it follows the natural shape of your eyelid and use little or no bottom eyeliner to make it even more striking. Finish with lashes of mascara or falsies, as the darker and thicker your lashes look, the better.

Embrace wintry shades
You might be emphasising the seasonal look with your wedding colours by opting for silvers or golds. If that's the case, why not incorporate them into your make-up as well, adding a shimmery silver eyeshadow to your eyelids or going for a more bronzed look with golds?

It's best to steer clear of cool blues though as these can drain the colour from your face, and if you're having a Christmas-themed wedding, we wouldn't recommend using reds or greens in your make-up palette. Just a suggestion!

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