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How to Celebrate Your Wedding Eve

You've planned your wedding to a tee, it's the night before the Big Day and everything's in place. So what do you do to celebrate your last night before tying the knot and get yourself excited for the greatest day of your life?

Well, here are some things you can do, so you don't spend the last evening of single life in front of the TV in your pyjamas.

Spend the night with family

Enjoying an evening with your immediate family before you get married is a great idea, as the next day you'll be creating your own little separate family unit. Parents especially can feel emotional at this time, happy that you've found someone to share your life with, but nostalgic that their little girl or boy is 'leaving the nest'.

You don't have to go crazy, just a nice dinner out or a homemade meal in (if you have a real penchant for your mum's shepherd's pie). It'll be lovely to have your parents and your brothers and sisters together, all enjoying the excitement that the next day will bring!

Join family forces

In this day and age, partners' families often don't have many opportunities to meet each other, so the night before your wedding could be a great way for them to get to know one other and break the ice before the Big Day.

By joining forces, you can rest assured your parents will be more comfortable and chat more with each other on your wedding day, while they can get excited together as they enjoy this great moment in their lives. It also means you can take the limelight just off yourself by sharing it with your fiancé.

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Have a pre-wedding party
Ireland has started to follow the American trend of having a rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. However, instead of the traditional sit down meal with all your wedding guests (particularly the ones that have travelled from far away to attend the wedding), most couples opt for a more relaxed event and host a pre-wedding party.

A huge number of venues allow brides and grooms to have a BBQ or buffet the night before their wedding, and it's a great way to get people relaxed and in the mood. If you're having a large guestlist, a pre-wedding do is also good as it gives you more chance to talk to your guests as you'll find the day itself goes so quickly, and getting around everyone can be really hard.

Lots of people love the idea of an informal BBQ or bowl of chilli, as it welcomes guests who have come from far away for the special occasion, allows people to be more familiar with one another the following day, and enables you to start celebrations a day early. Just be careful not to drink too much though!

An evening with the guys/gals
If you've found organising your wedding to be really quite stressful, and you just want one last night to relax and unwind before it all kicks off, you might prefer just to stay in with your close friends.

Brides can put on a cheesy chick flick, pamper themselves and enjoy a box of chocolates, while guys can have a couple of beers, a takeaway and play video games till the night comes to an end. It'll be nice to have one last evening with your mates before you start your married life with your partner.

A cosy night in
But if there's no one you'd rather be with than your fiancé, why not buck the tradition of spending your wedding eve apart from your husband or wife-to-be?

More and more couples are choosing to forget about old-fashioned customs and enjoy waking up with their soon-to-be-spouse on the morning of their special day.

If you do stay in, make sure whatever you do is relaxing. Put wedding talk to one side, and spend some quality time alone - watch a film, go out for dinner or just cuddle on the sofa. The next day will be so busy, you'll appreciate these precious moments together when it's over.

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