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Lorna Mc Cormack Lasting Bridal Beauty - FREE Course

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Reach YOUR ideal weight for your big day & better still stay there for life!

Find out how Lorna dropped 2 dress sizes for her big day & 13 years later (plus 3 kids) can still fit into her wedding dress. 

Lasting Bridal Beauty is a FREE 7 day course. Each day for 7 days you get a new lesson directly to your inbox detailing exactly what Lorna did to lose weight & why she was able to keep it off.

Lorna is a plant based nutritional therapist, iridologist & living foods instructor.  Her special interest is using plant based therapy for weight loss.   Lorna's journey to health & optimum weight started at age 23 when for the very first time she was introduced to the idea that so called 'normal' foods might actually be at the root of her blight to lose weight.  

Motivated by her impending wedding day, she applied the principles of plant based therapy and the results came quick. The extra weight she was carrying (and as much as she tried could never get rid of) fell off, the eczema she suffered from childhood vanished and the asthma symptoms that started in her 20s which was getting progressively worse, significantly improved.  After this she became hooked on the concept of using 'food as medicine'. 

She started reading and learning about diet and lifestyle, and the way that these factors can help manage weight & illnesses.  She became incredibly inspired by what she was finding and decided to embark on a career to use this information to also help others. 

She now lives a plant based lifestyle not just because of the way it makes her feel but because she loves it! 

In her own words "today my pantry and fridge are loaded with DELICIOUS nutritious foods that I never knew existed 13 years ago".  Looking back she knows there were two pivotal components driving her transformation. 

First was education, knowing & understanding what certain foods were doing for (& against!) her body.  

Second, was learning how to prepare simple delicious meals.

Lorna's transformation didn't happen overnight.  There was a lot of learning to do.  

With that in mind she wanted to create the 'shortcut' for everyone else.  To create programs to give you want she didn't have at the start of her journey.  

Lorna's programs are designed to ensure that you:
Have the tools you need to create delicious nutritious meals right from the start. Over a period of time be exposed to honest, practical information on health which is based on the very latest in nutritional science. Have the support you need to help maintain and embed in your new lifestyle even long after you've finished the program.


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