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Smooth Operators


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Smooth Operators is a family run dry cleaners based in Sackville Street in the centre of Derry/Londonderry who would be pleased to dry clean your wedding gown or menswear items after your Big Day.

This company have been established since 2009 giving them a wealth of experience and have a wonderful reputation built on years of providing reliable, efficient and friendly services to all of their customers.

They use hydrocarbon dry cleaning solvent, unlike many of their competitors, which gives them the ability to dry clean delicate items without any worry.

Hydrocarbon is an advanced form of dry cleaning and is designed to ensure your garments stay in pristine condition. It is one of the most advanced chemicals on the market and is specifically designed to be kinder to all colours, types of fabric, beads and any embellishments. This makes it the perfect service for cleaning your wedding gown, which will be extremely delicate.

Hydrocarbon also has the added benefit of being completely odourless, therefore you won't smell that typical 'dry cleaning odour' that you'll get with less advanced forms of dry cleaning. This is perfect if you're planning to store your wedding dress and would like it in pristine condition, free from fragrances.



June 2019
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