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Wedding Suppliers to Suit Your Needs...

Use the search panel on the left to find the suppliers you need to make your wedding day one to remember. You'll find everything here, including photographers, videographers, florists, wedding cars, entertainment, decor... and the all important dress of course!

  • Lasting Bridal Beauty

    Online Based

    Reach YOUR ideal weight for your big day & better still stay there for life! Find out how Lorna dropped 2 dress sizes for her big day & 13 years later (plus 3 kids) can still fit into her wedding dress.  Lasting Bridal Beauty is a FREE 7 day course. Each day for 7 days you get a new lesson directly to your inbox detailing exactly what Lorna done to lose weight & why she was able to keep it off.

  • The Cottage Health and Beauty


    The Cottage is a small beauty salon offering a complete range of services including personal training to help couples get mind and body into shape before their big day.

  • Rossmore Health


    Rossmore Health has a wide range of beauty, health and hygiene products which can help you to get mentally and physically prepared for your wedding day. Ordering online is straightforward and prices are competitive.


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