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Deposit Guarantee

Planning a wedding involves booking multiple suppliers and venues, trusting them to do what you pay them for and handing over precious deposit money. You're likely to be doing this months ahead of the big day, which is why we're here to cover you against unexpected problems.

The Deposit Guarantee ensures that if the venue or supplier you have booked is cancelled due to supplier failure, we will refund your deposit* (See terms and conditions below.)

How do I get my deposit guaranteed?

Once you've booked your venue or supplier, it's essential that you email us at to register for the deposit guarantee scheme. This is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email back from us, usually within 24 hours. You can register deposits paid from 1st January 2015.

It's simple to register for our deposit guarantee. All you have to do is email with the following details and wait for a confirmation email:

1. Your name and address

2. The supplier/venue name, address, contact name and date/time for the booking.

3. Official proof of deposit payment such as an invoice or booking form.

How much of the deposit am I covered for?

We'll guarantee up to €1000 of wedding venue deposits and up to €500 for each supplier deposit which you have registered onto the scheme.

Do I still need wedding insurance?

Yes it is essential that you still get wedding insurance to cover you against any eventualities. This scheme covers bankruptcy and liquidation of the venue or supplier you have booked only.

Am I booking my venue or supplier through

No, we are just helping you out by securing your deposit, just in case the venue or supplier goes into liquidation or goes bankrupt.

Terms and Conditions of Supplier/Venue Failure

What Does the Policy Cover?

This policy covers you for bankruptcy or liquidation of an pre-booked wedding service supplier or venue registered onto our scheme by email to after 1st January 2015. We will pay out to €1000 of wedding venue deposits and up to €500 for each supplier deposit for bankruptcy or liquidation of that supplier or venue.

What Does the Policy Not Cover?

1. Any sums which are recoverable from any other source

2. Any costs related to a dispute between you and the supplier or venue

3. Any costs which would have been incurred had the original supplier not ceased trading.

This policy does not replace wedding insurance - please ensure you have wedding insurance in place to cover you.

How Do I Make a Claim?

In the unfortunate event that a claim needs to be made, please email to notify us, including:

1. Your name and address

2. Supplier/venue name, booking date and official proof of deposit payment

3. A copy of your marriage certificate

4. Evidence that the supplier/venue has gone into liquidation

Payment will be made once we have verified that the supplier/venue has gone into liquidation/bankruptcy, after a 6 month cooling off period.

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